Jennifer Heyward

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The other main “character” of the project – an undergrad Lit Major at Pollard State University.  She finds Eric’s book while she was shelving (she works in the library) and left a note in it.  And thus, it begins.

She has a past that she keeps hidden.  First telling Eric that she “disappeared” for a day, we later learn that when she was young, her parents took her to a park, and they couldn’t find her.  This blew out of proportion, with cops and search parties, until she wandered back to the group.  We find out yet later, that’s a big fat lie.  She actually DID run away, and had a vastly different experience than this.  She hung out in a barn with another young child.  He is the child of abusive parents, so he hides out in the barn.  When Jen finally goes to the police, despite everything in her telling her to keep quiet, she tells the police about the boy.  He now stands a good chance of being taken from his neglectful parents, and put into custody of the state.

Why does this matter?  Because she said that the whole incident made her believe she was a liar, and a betrayer.  This may be something that plays a larger role in her day to day life, and impacts how she interacts with others.  We may not always be able to believe what she says, but it does seem her intentions are always pure and that she is not overtly trying to hurt or sabotage anyone or anything.



Who Is Straka?

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Amazing what can form when you are busy for 10 days…

This site popped up:

And what fun games are hidden?

(Text below in white to prevent spoilers, so highlight over it to read)

As the page loads, the S will flash, revealing various codes, phrases, or pictures which I haven’t been able to make out yet.

Looking at Elements, you can see some hidden java coding revealing the coordinates:
35º46.865′ , -5º48.797′ which I google to Avenue Belgique, Tanger, Morocco ‎

Looking at the source code, there’s an embedded message:
Please direct all correspondence to
using secure communications protocols and encryption
to avoid detection and unwanted surveillance. Unsigned
messages with no PGP key will have to be ignored. They
are watching and it is raining.

Below this is a list of incoherent letters, numbers, symbols, dots.  I am not versed in java and do not know if it is part of the java script, or part of the above code and PGP key:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
UTrzg2s/k3NAeLeAgiNBpeJeA+8u07vicl  .   .       .     .
+qxHE5nOqCBa9FQWdbG3TODGqtqXsX2/+x    .     . .   .     .
GMLEaHNSgJBACj/iAYUns73fI6vVk00UBJ    . . .   .     .
yi1WwXHKy9LvxO9OONzvo0EjCP          .     . . .   .   . .

I have not yet encrypted a message to send.  If you have, please share what happened!

There is a small link, bottom left, that says “pgp key” and lets you download a pgp.asc file, if you can open it (I haven’t messed with that yet, either)

In this brief few minutes, that’s all I’ve found.  I need to get to work, so will explore more later!


Moebius commented and linked to a youtube video.  In the flashing S of the webpage, a brief moment showed 6483 kHz — and the link to the video, titled “Numbers Station, English, Unknown ID, September 29, 2013, 2002 UTC, 6483 kHz, USB Mode”.  It was posted at least a month ago by user “FirstToken”.  Part of the game?  Maybe not, but when you listen to it, you do get a sequence of letters breaking in to 5 parts… perhaps letters from the Eotvos wheel of the book?  Sadly, I do not have my wheel on me right now, so I cannot see if it lines up with any coordinates.  But here’s the video for now:

What I hear:





(and WOW did she sound excited saying “Romeo”) 😉

While reading Ship of Theseus, I so often would come across a name or image that triggered a reminder about something read earlier — and would then tediously try to flip through hundreds of pages to recall what it was about that name or description that I thought was important.  It because time consuming, and thus, I started up this pseudo-wiki style blog.

I would be thrilled to have input from any of you browsing through here.  If you want to add a referenced article, or summary of a character, etc, please feel free to email me and I’ll add it in with your name 🙂

I have no idea how large this game will become, and maybe this will have been nothing more than a lesson in study dedication (if only school and work studies could be so engrossing!), but if Abrams and Dorst have dug a deep and profound rabbit hole for us, then perhaps this will become useful information.

So let us now – as J.J. said back in 2009 – dig.

Jean-Bernard Desjardins

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An older man in Paris who is studying Straka.  Begins to communicate with Eric, and even sends him some Straka relics and a note (from pg 87)

Theorized about The S. – a secret organization of which Straka may have been either a member or a target.  (Eric and Jen later learn that Straka was a member, possible head of?)

pg __ :   Dies in Paris, made to look like suicide jump from Hotel____

pg 172: Eric thinks perhaps Desjardins allowed himself to be caught and killed (sacrificed) in order to give Eric a head start and continue the research.

It is very difficult sometimes to obtain the exact location on the wheel for the code.  If I hit a blank spot, I noted that on the right as BLANK, but then I went ahead and added in the codes to the left and right of the blank area, starting with whichever letter set seemed closer.  This will take continued adjustment once a cipher style is determined.

I compared this with @Zort70 on the Sfiles22 blog, and noted the discrepancies with the *** in the far right column.  I double checked my coordinate search, and double checked the wheel alignment.  It’s all so close, it’s hard to tell for sure!  But for now, I will stick with these notes, and update as more is determined.

Wave 1 Santorini Greece 5 or 7 36 36.4 N 25.4 E K O G
Shizuoka Japan 3 37 34.9 N 138.3 E O R O S L H BLANK ***
Namibe Angola 12 37 15.0 S 12.0 E V F I L T
Antofagasta Chile 4 39 23.6 S 70.4 W B E J F
Florence Oregon 9 41 44.0 N 124.1 W L G Z A U G L O
Tumbatu Island Zanzibar 8 42 5.8 S 39.2 E X G L D Y
Egersund Norway 9 42 58.4 N 6.0 E Q L R I Y B W U BLANK
Burnie Tasmania 4 44 41.0 S 145.9 E D E I O Q M R H
Todos Santos Mexico 5 46 23.4 N 110.2 W D E I O V B X R O
Abaco Island Bahamas 5 46 26.5 N 77.1 W V T N E N
Udupi India 10 48 13.3 N 74.7 E X G L D Y
Rio Grande Brazil 7 49 37.8 N 107.5 W S I O U X M O P A BLANK
Juist Germany 10 51 53.7 N 7.0 E X B T U P
Wave 2 Antofagasta Chile 4 63 23.6 S 70.4 W B E J F
Salalah Oman 11 63 17.0 N 54.1 E U S S A
Ningde China 12 67 26.7 N 119.5 E L H
Quepos Costa Rica 4 71 9.4 N 84.2 W Q L R
Dikson Russia 2 74 73.5 N 80.5 E R N B F H
Sidi Ifni Morocco 10 77 29.4 N 10.2 W W Y G E
Wave 3 Barcelona Spain 10 11 41.4 N 2.2 E M D J Q P C G E U Z BLANK
Ambergris Caye 1 12 18.0 N 87.9 W H B C I W V T N E N
Cameroon 2 12 5.1 N 11.9 E C F J E R N L BLANK ***
Yarmouth Nova Scotia 3 12 43.8 N 66.1 W D E I O

Reinhold Feuerbach

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Possible Candidate for Straka

Parallel for character Pfeifer

Possibly part of the original S. group

pg 188: Likely gay

Torsten Ekstrom

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Candidate for Straka

Paralleled by character Stenfalk

Intimate with Amarante Durand

Amarante Durand

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Considered a candidate for Straka

Paralleled by character Corbeau

Intimate with Torsten Ekstrom, possibly a fleeting relationship with Straka that never went anywhere

pg 183: After Ekstrom died, she threw herself into her work and causes – suffrage, labor rights, spying and fighting for Republican militia, several archeological digs in S. France, and continuing her writing.

Tiago Garcia Ferrara

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Considered parallel to character Ostrero

One of the candidates as Straka, but determined not to be him by Eric on pg 187.

pg 173: Fought in Spanish civil war for Republican side till late 1936, then turns due to threats to his family and kids.  Buys safety by selling out Durand.  Franco lets him live, and everyone else hates him forever.  Never publishes again, and eventually hangs himself.

Characters Parallel to Real People

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Corbeau = Amarante Durand

Stenfalk = Torsten Ekstrom

Ostrero = Tiago Garcia Ferrara

Pfeifer = Reinhold Feuerbach

Sola/Szalome = FXC